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How to reach Ayun and Chitral?
You can either drive or fly to Chitral, from Chitral Airport it will take 45 minutes to reach Ayun.
How much time will it take to travel by car or bus?
It will take 7-8 hours from Islamabad to Ayun , Chitral via Swat Motorway.
Condition of roads?
After Lawari tunnel, the roads are deteriorated having bumpy patches. Rest of the journey is okay.
Why to stay at Ayun River Inn Hotel and Motel?
After the long journey from down districts, it provides a decent, clean, soothing environment at very affordable rates to take rest and prepare for the next day to Kalash Valley.
The roads of Kalash Valleys are in deteriorated conditions and tourists and travellers normally prefer to stay in Ayun to take rest and make necessary arrangements to start their next day adventures in Kalash Valleys.
Can the tourists explore Ayun?
Yes the tourists can explore Ayun Village, visit fields, can enjoy the river splashes.

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